Uddipan Energy Ltd. is a private limited company registered under The Companies Act, 1994 (Act XVIII of 1994). This is a social enterprise of Uddipan and Advanced Micro Energy Inc. (Canada) under the roof of Uddipan Social Enterprise Program. The goal of Uddipan Energy Ltd. is to promote and supply renewable energy technology at an affordable rate to rural household of Bangladesh.

Uddipan Energy Limited (UEL) is one of the growing joint venture organizations working for last three year in the field of renewable energy, agriculture, automobile and social development through profit sharing. UEL mission is to introduce affordable brands which will won the hearts if consumers across the nation. UEL is developing every day in the rural and urban areas with a wide vision to avail UEL brands in almost every household in the country.

Its operations provide scope of delivery its brands in every corner of the country directly and indirectly through its dedicated suppliers, distributors and expert service providers.

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